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mail art memory map

April 3, 2014

Beautiful mail art by Bifidus Jones – Childhood Farm via MinXus-Lynxus.


mr printable

August 18, 2012

Printable Quotes Posters | Mr Printables.

Mr Printable offers a lovely range of mostly free (!) printable materials for children, flash cards, alphabet posters, maps. games, coloring pages, posters, paper dolls, and a small printable world to make out of paper. Very nicely designed and some very original ideas. I like these two posters too.

map monsters

August 12, 2012

Map Monsters.

Here are a great posting and detailed instructions regarding an educational project for children by Susan Cirigliano. The idea is to combine Geography, reading maps and art – through painting over maps.

“Learning Geography can become more fun when students are encouraged to add an artistic touch. Map Monsters is a wonderful cross-curricular activity that I do with my students that incorporates Geography, or reading maps and visual arts. After learning a particular geographic of an area of the world the children look for monsters hidden along the borders of the countries! Using whatever drawing tools are handy the monsters begin to climb out of the map! “

story mapping

August 8, 2012

Another illustration of a traditional tale by Warja Lavater.

via gramatologia

little red riding hood

August 6, 2012

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge via Little red riding hood (Warja Lavater, 1965) 

This is a great take on the traditionale tale of Little Red Riding Hood  by Warja Lavater. The story has been mapped out mainly with with simple geometrical shapes, providing a new – bird’s view – perspective.

art and maps

November 6, 2011

“Where We’re From”

TerrorDome custom creates images of people cut out from maps mounted inside a wood shadow box. What I love about the idea is that every person is cut out from a map from the place where they spent their childhood, and the exact location will always feature just above the heart of each figure. They can be ordered through Folksy, the UK based art and craft community similar to Etsy. This reminds me of other memory maps of childhood places, Sara Fanellis My Map Book, and especially of Margaret Mackey’s inspiring work on Space, Time and Literacy, as presented on UKLA conference 2010 and 2011, where she mapped out her childhood experiences tying physical places and texts. This is from her abstract:

The concept of literacy is often represented iconically in a schematic drawing of a head, a book, and perhaps a pair of hands. But literacy is always grounded, located in a particular place and time. At the same time, our literate behaviours are suspended in a network of multiple texts and other readers. Our interpretive lives are plural; the texts that we read, watch, hear, play, create, and exchange impinge on each other; we do not interpret a single text in cognitive and affective isolation from all the others that we encounter. Often we are also affected by other interpreters of the same material.

Where are we when we engage with a fiction? We enter an imaginary, interior world – a cognitive achievement we still do not fully understand. Actively or passively, we gain membership of a community, virtual and actual, of other interpreters of this text. At the same time, we remain “earthed” in the daily lives of our own senses, our own two hands and feet, our own political position and awareness. All of these factors are woven into the ultimate achievement of interpretive understanding. This presentation will offer a rich and complex two-part picture of situated literacies: a 360° portrait of a single literate child, and a broader look at the mental and physical spaces that affect contemporary literacies.

art and maps (11) Lois Weinberger

September 26, 2011

Course/Drift, Lois Weinberger | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

art and maps (10) Alighiereo Boetti

February 4, 2011

Alighiereo Boetti’s Mappa soon to be seen in CHE FARE? ARTE POVERA at the Lentos Museum in Linz.

merrymaking as political protest

May 16, 2010

In 1775 Austrian Emperor Joseph II dedicated a large piece of  land  for the use of  “all the people for their amusement and merry-making”. The park with baroque garden design is called Augarten and I live round the corner, and so it is close physically and close to my heart too. Over the years there have been various attempts to build on parts of the land, which have been for the most part thwarted. But since a few years, the City Authorities in liaison with private investors have been planning to build a large concert hall on one end of the land. Protesters have been squatting on and off for three years now. Political protest has become more playful and performance orientated in the last decade or so, for example in the form of flashmobs. But only in Vienna I guess, protesters would come up with the idea to do it in such style and in baroque style too. After some of the trees were cut down last year to prepare the ground for the building work the activists staged a funeral procession around Vienna. On May 1st, Labour Day, they arranged for a colourful protest procession in full regalia. You’ve got to love the dresses! Makes me think of the work of artist Yinka Shhonibare.

Also, they do the prettiest leaflets! I fear it will all be to no avail.

fairy tales 2.0

May 9, 2010

You can create your own Google search stories now with the Google Search Stories Video Creator made by Korean designer Ji Lee. I just made this one.

art and maps (8) Ron Arad

April 9, 2010

Designer Ron Arad on show at the Timothy Taylor gallery, London, this week. The exhibition, filled with voluptuous aluminium and mirror sculptures, features an installation called Oh, the Farmer and the Cowman Should be Friends (shown here) as its centrepiece.

From the Guardian

typographic world map

September 26, 2009


typographic world map wallpaper and many other free downloads  from

art and maps (7) the world from above

June 10, 2009


Here are some beautiful paintings by a 6th grade class from Germany: “the world viewed from an aeroplane”

on via

memory maps – london map simplified

May 21, 2009


from “New Simplified Map of London drawn from memory… (by Nad @ flickr)”

Yeah, that’s what I remember from living there too … :-)

memory map – childhood places

May 20, 2009

memory map

 This is a map remembering childhood from here

memory map – map of the day

May 18, 2009
Sara Fanelli - My Map Book

Sara Fanelli - My Map Book

I have bought quite a few picture books lately, because I am researching them for a media education project. My favourite is the “My Map Book” by Sara Fanelli. Here is a spread “map of the day” – click to enlarge. Sara Fanelli’s website is here.

art and maps (6) Tanja Rector

May 17, 2009


Tanja Rector, Memory Map 2008

art and maps (5) douglas wilson

April 19, 2009


A blog that I keep visiting is onpaperwings by Dougas Wilson, who also prints these posters with letterpress  on maps. They can be bought here on

art and maps (4) Virtue Fern

March 31, 2009


by Virtue Fern – see the photostream on Flickr

more also here:

art and maps (3) Zsuzsanna Ilijin be Illin

March 30, 2009


by Illustrator and graphic designer Zsuzsanna Ilijin located in Amsterdam. more maps on the website:


art and maps (2) Paula Scher

March 29, 2009



Paula Scher’s maps at the Maya Stendhal Gallery  by Michael Surtees on his Flickr photostream.

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