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Order and Chaos at Heathrow

August 31, 2007

I love these clever adverts from HSBC, displayed on Heathrow airport as you get off the plane. Especially coming from a distant place, one is very aware of Language, Meaning and Context.




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Text in the Machine

August 31, 2007

from a series of images by Geoffrey Rockwell. Working on a book, literally.


Drilling a hole, originally uploaded by geoffreyrockwell.

Painful to watch or as shawnday says in the comments:
This is multimedia in the old sense where you try to make art out of other media. The interesting thing is how we have been socialized to think of books as sacred objects that shouldn’t be cut, marked, or otherwise deformed.

And Guy from my vedana:

This is a kind of deconstruction Derrida never imagined when he wrote: “the form of the book is now going through a period of general upheaval […]…one cannot tamper with it without disturbing everything else…” (1997:3). Ah well, it’s all disturbed now


Three blocks of text

August 31, 2007

Three blocks of text, originally uploaded by geoffreyrockwell.

Is this a gender thing? Sue Blackwell’s lovingly carved sculptures as opposed to this – hacking drilling and sawing.

Su Blackwell’s Book-cut Sculptures

August 31, 2007

There is something truly wonderful in how UK artist Su Blackwell elicits childhood memories of favourite readings, as she cuts up old books turning them into delicate and fragile three-dimensional dreamscapes. I love the trees recycled into books recycled into trees. Click to enlarge.

Sue Blackwell Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice: Through the Looking Glass

Sue Blackwell Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz

Sue Blackwell Snow Queen

Snow Queen

Sue Blackwell Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Sue Blackwell Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Read her Artists Statement here.

floating books

August 29, 2007

UK artist Selina Swayne writes: “The concept behind growing edible plants on books was an investigation into the way we absorb information.”


The Floating Exhibition – Serpentine Pond May 2004

Book Sculpture

August 23, 2007

Book Sculpture, originally uploaded by gwENvision.

This image of a sculpture by Donald Lipski shall make an auspicious beginning for this blog. Please enter the portal.

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