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I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe

July 4, 2009

ive seen things 3

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I have made another version of this quote from the Blade Runner, this time with an image of Orion found on Wikipedia. Why do I bother?  Because I am curious about many things, painting, filmmaking, writing, craftwork and more. Experiencing the process of making things adds another layer to my understanding of certain cultural practices. And I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe. At the same time I don’t know if this will avail anything. So here we go, this is my first shot at digital remix, or fan art.

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe

July 3, 2009

ive seen things

Recently I have been thinking about  the scene of the final showdown between Deckard (Harrison Ford) and the replicant Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) in the Blade Runner, and its poetic ending. This film had  a powerful impact on me when I saw it in a cinema in New York’s Lower East Side, when it first came out in 1982 and when I watched it several times after that in the following years. Fast forward to over twenty years later, when I started reading film theory and realized that it was not only me who thought highly of the film, but that it is considered a film classic. 

This scene can be found in multiple YouTube versions, however watching the brief clip online seems a bit sad and cheesy. Not at all the same experience as watching it at a time of the cold war, on a big cinema screen. Time, place and medium of distribution make a difference on the reading experience.

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