Book Sculpture

Book Sculpture, originally uploaded by gwENvision.

This image of a sculpture by Donald Lipski shall make an auspicious beginning for this blog. Please enter the portal.


3 Responses to “Book Sculpture”

  1. Edie Simons Says:

    How are the books connected together?
    What did you use to string them on and keep the circle shape?

    I just love this idea! Tell me you process, please!

  2. Matthieu M Says:

    Trully interresting and poetic. It’s a great adea to illustrate by sculpure.. It make you like if the story’s book wanted to trap you in the story.. very personnal work I think. I hope to see one exibition in my life as so many others but this one includ ^^ (I’m studying interior design actually in belgium but maybe in futur times)

  3. customsignny Says:

    the sculpture is very pretty to see , being to the field of arts and signage I find this fantastic Sign Company NJ are great for

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