vernacular creativity

Young Woman Reading. Petit Point.

Young Woman Reading. Petit Point.

Recently I have spent quite a lot of my spare time browsing sites like etsy, dawanda and ebay, looking at art and craft. I love many of things people make and put up for sale. I have always liked naive art, folk art, outsider art and crafts, precisely because it is lowbrow. Often these things are made by woman, without any claims to creating great art, but simply because they enjoy the process of making and creating things. I would like buy some of the pictures, prints and collages on etsy which capture my fancy. And then there is all the stuff you can find on ebay, where I spent quite some time looking at kitsch petit point embroideries. (Kitty images galore – they were popular long before the arrival of the Internet!)  If anybody is looking to give me presents for my birthday or Christmas – I have a list of favourites already :-).

Continuing the theme of girls reading, also here, started earlier on this blog, here are two images, one collage, and one petit point embroidery of girls reading. Made by women, I presume.

The print below, by buzzbuzzbee can be bought here. Apparently “all profits to be donated to ReBooK (Recycling Books for Kids), a non profit which “promotes youth literacy and social and emotional development by recycling gently used children’s books for distribution to literature-poor areas of the United States.” The image above, a petit point embroydery can be found for sale on Ebay.

DONATION Girl Reading

DONATION Girl Reading

3 Responses to “vernacular creativity”

  1. Bethany Says:

    HEY! Great blog and thanks for the shout out to my shop and to ReBooK ( — I love the “girls reading” theme. And yes, I am a woman! ;) Keep up the good work!

  2. Sigrid Says:

    Thanks for your feedback! I will come back to your etsy shop!

  3. word and image Says:

    […] creativity, womans’ crafts, subversive knitting and cross stitch. See some earlier postings: petit point and women reading, cross stitch text message and more digital petit […]

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