easter wings


George Herbert, Easter Wings/ The Temple (1633)

More about historical visual poetry:  How do we define Visual Poetry (and letter-inspired art) by Phillip John Usher

“Our understanding of visual poetry means that words and letters become plastic; they are (perhaps) also signifiers, but they are first and foremost objects: they “are” before they “mean,” suggesting they take on a life of their own. And yet words and letters never totally escape their linguistic sounds and meanings-hence the games our mind plays when we view visual poetry, caught-as it is-between different ways of viewing. It’s a bifurcated road: should I read, or should I see? How do letters and words get in the way? How do they confuse (in the strongest sense) the image?” 

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One Response to “easter wings”

  1. avantexte Says:

    Sadly, the link to what sounds a very interesting file does not work. I also think it’s a good example of why we can’t really call Easter Wings a visual poem, since it is first and foremost words, not objects. One overcomes the object in this piece almost immediately.

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