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digtial screens

October 13, 2007

Currently engaged in reading and thinking about of vernacular creativity, in term of digital practices such as computer gaming, amateur photography and photosharing and new uses of traditional handicrafts such as knitting and crochet I came about Patricia Waller’s work in needlework and crochet.

Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller 2

read some more about it (in German) here:
Computergames und Bildstörungen by Helga Maria Bischoff

I love the way these images make apparent older uses of “digital” and “screen”, the image built up pixel by pixel in the slow process of stitching (with your fingers), the stitching canvas, which often is stretched over a frame, making a stitching screen. And the way it combines the opposites of kitsch and the crafts of needlework, associated with domestic feminine practices, and computer gaming, asscociated with male geeks. (This work dates back to 1997) It also reminds me of the Lous XVI petit point upholstered chairs, which Gertrude Stein’s partner Alice B. Toklas made after a design by Picasso. Unfortunately I have never seen a picture of those.

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