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new literacies

June 6, 2010

© Gavin Dudeney 2009

This is just so funny.

hope and despair

June 3, 2010

This photo appeared in the Guardian along with an article about Obamas visit to the coast, where  he was talking to experts about the oil spill. This was right after new attempts to quell the spill had failed, again. “Obama described the setback as “enraging” and “heartbreaking”, as documents emerged showing that BP engineers were concerned about the safety of the Deepwater Horizon rig months earlier than the company has admitted.” The media seem to love what he is doing, at least for now. Obmama seems to be able to put into the right words the feelings of so many, and this is what people  want, need  and deserve, in times of crisis. (Remember the outrage the Queen’s lack of response caused in the aftermath of Diana’s death?)

And I love this image, so simple and complex at the same time, with the ocean  and the yellow “do not cross” ribbons, which talk of police lines and not just an accident but a crime having been committed. And the way Obama manages to come across as always inpeccable in style, formal but totally informal at the same time. He it not shown wearing some silly hat or ugly windbreaker, no, it’s only the boots, which make the difference in his attire here. And the way he is crouching, thoughtful, humbled (?), in despair (?) in facing the vastness of the problem, against the vastness of the ocean itself. And the gentleness, the delicacy of the pebbles and his finger as he is touching the sand, the earth.

notes in a bottle

April 18, 2010

Photo by Andy Lochire

Bottle of Notes is a sculpture by Cleas Oldenburg, completed in 1993, it is a magnificent piece of public art in Middlesbrough, UK, home of voyager and mapmaker James Cook. On the inside is written “I like to remember sea-gulls in full flight gliding over the ring of canals”, taken from “Memos of a gadfly” a poem written by the designer van Bruggen in 1987 and based on recollections of his Amsterdam childhood. Outside is a quotation from Captain Cook’s journal “we had every advantage we could desire in observing the whole of the passage of the Planet Venus over the sun’s disc” according to Middlesbrough Council.

neon boneyard

April 9, 2010

Check out the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. via trendland

more books

April 9, 2010

Book sculptures by Paul Octavious here:

type nesting

January 10, 2010

Dubi Kaufmann created a webiste on showing images of birds nesting in letters. How sweet is that!

structural violence

September 20, 2009

How do you visualize a concept, which implies a complex theoretical discourse and is also embodied in our experience, something such as structural violence?

Sometimes an image search will bring up a series of useful visualisations. Sometimes it is hard to find something that works, so you have to think laterally and  that search may bring up new ideas of how to think about a phenomenon.

Here is what I have come up with for structual violence related to an educational context:




I am not sure yet, if this is what I really meant to say, but it is what I found to be expressive and telling so far. For some reason the images all include writing. Now I wonder, is this a concidence? Or does it say something about how language and literacy is used in power relationsships? Note to self: Read Bourdieu’s Language and Symbolic Power and Foucault’s Diszipline and Punish.


September 13, 2009


R1204717 by Where The Art Is

Last but not least I kept coming past the fourth plinth at Trafalgar square and watched a few people presenting themselves to a cheering audience. I had expected more cynical reactions. People seemed to really love and enjoy it all, although the stuff I saw that afternoon was not especially great. I could not help thinking, how small and mundane real people look on the plinth, unlike the majestic Lord Nelson on his tall column, when a guy turned around to me. “I luuve watching life just going by. I’ve been up there, and me mate ‘ere too. We are Plinthians!” he said proudly. Meanwhile, around the corner, at the National Portrait Gallery you can watch a live stream, which provides a different perspective and arguably a better view, than standing on the ground. So instantly the performance, the actual experience  is turned into a mediated ‘portrait’. As to be expected there are thousands of photos uploaded to Flickr documenting the ongoing show. I cannot think of an art project which enables more participation than this, including the Plinthians, the photographers, even the hecklers.

heaven and earth

September 12, 2009


by The Kozy Shack


by dou_ble_you


by jamespayne333

Another exibition I saw earlier summer in London, which left a lasting impression: “Heaven & Earth” by Richard Long at the Tate Britain. I did not bring a camera so here are images found on FLickr . I particularly liked some of the massive installations and large wall painings like this “Mud Wall”.  I felt they had to be experienced by walking around the exhibition space, rather that standing or sitting, as usual. This gave me a better understanding also of his other work about walking landscapes, embodied expierences of land, earth and sky. There are hundreds of photos – more of Richard Long’s work on Flickr.


May 16, 2009


Currently thinking about old and new media practices, and teaching digital literacy to teachers in training I came across these images by David Silver’s photostream on Flickr.

These photos sum it all up nicely. Here is his blog with some interesting stuff including 5 ways my students use twitter

I like the way photography changes the use of the good old blackboard as it allows to fix something that is so  transient as chalk on board.

you are loved

May 2, 2009

for Mother’s day tomorrow


I’ll keep you in my focus 183/365 by ches jack via  ffffound.

type pantry

April 25, 2009


from samiare   click to see large here

analog social networking

April 18, 2009



paperbeatsinternet is an ‘analog’ take on social networking, developed by folks at the New Directions in Pictorial Design Class at the Otario College of Art and Design. Most messages are a combination of drawings and hand written text. I like these combinations of old fashioned chalk board and photography. That could be a fun school project.

via drawn!


April 16, 2009
Young Femme With Stickbild Jeanne (AK Junge Frau mit Stickbild Jeanne)

Is this not a lovely picture? This is a vintage postcard currently available on eBay. A combination of some things I like – photography, embroidery, vernacular creativity, womans’ crafts, (subversive) cross stitch. See some earlier postings: petit point and women reading, cross stitch text message and more digital petit point.

fairy tale

April 13, 2009


I made this a while ago. POV of a heavy hero. It’s all in the imagination.

book projection

March 26, 2009


Images of books on shelves are seen projected on the walls of the Tower of David in Jerusalem’s Old City – part of a show called “Or Shalem, Jerusalem Lights the Night”, staged by a group called Skertzo on October 7, 2008.(AP Photo/Bernat Armangue) See more illuminations on this page.

via dark roasted blend

library promotion

March 24, 2009

4(Image credit: jonathan_moreau).

5(Image credit: wcb0028).

I have found this on CrookedBrains:

The residents of Kansas City were asked to nominate influential books that represented their town, and huge forms of the winning selections were then used as the exterior of the library’s parking garage.”

Cardiff Public Library has done something similar:

2(Image credit: keithpatterson).

personalized picture book

March 19, 2009

Here is a lovely idea for making a word/picture book by Sara Hicks. She writes

Last week we bought my son a ‘first words’ book. It had some common words like ‘car’ and ‘ball’- but the car didn’t look like ours and the neon orange soccer ball didn’t look like any we owned. So I thought it might be nice to create a first words book exclusively for him, using objects that were more familiar to him and focusing on words that he was either already trying to grasp (ball, momma) or words that would be helpful to me (milk, water).


And here are some images of the result. This is a really sweet idea, and I wished I had done things like that when my son was little. I am thinking, this could be a class project in primary schools too, where children design books for their siblings and friends.

lolcat literacy update

March 11, 2009

Here is a long overdue update to my earlier post on lolcat literacy. More evidence supporting the notion that most lolcats are not only proficient in numeracy and literacy, with a great passion for literature, but also sophisticated users of computer technologies and Web 2.0 literacies.










cross stitch

February 28, 2009


Embroidered Text Messages

A whole series of cross stitched text messages. It is worth reading them all, nice story and I will not tell you whether there is a happy end.

frost and steam

February 7, 2009


Geof Huth, “at last” (3 January 2009)

Geof Huth, “one steams” (24 January 2009)

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