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September 18, 2010

Quitesparkly makes paper roses from romantic novels.

merrymaking as political protest

May 16, 2010

In 1775 Austrian Emperor Joseph II dedicated a large piece of  land  for the use of  “all the people for their amusement and merry-making”. The park with baroque garden design is called Augarten and I live round the corner, and so it is close physically and close to my heart too. Over the years there have been various attempts to build on parts of the land, which have been for the most part thwarted. But since a few years, the City Authorities in liaison with private investors have been planning to build a large concert hall on one end of the land. Protesters have been squatting on and off for three years now. Political protest has become more playful and performance orientated in the last decade or so, for example in the form of flashmobs. But only in Vienna I guess, protesters would come up with the idea to do it in such style and in baroque style too. After some of the trees were cut down last year to prepare the ground for the building work the activists staged a funeral procession around Vienna. On May 1st, Labour Day, they arranged for a colourful protest procession in full regalia. You’ve got to love the dresses! Makes me think of the work of artist Yinka Shhonibare.

Also, they do the prettiest leaflets! I fear it will all be to no avail.


April 16, 2009
Young Femme With Stickbild Jeanne (AK Junge Frau mit Stickbild Jeanne)

Is this not a lovely picture? This is a vintage postcard currently available on eBay. A combination of some things I like – photography, embroidery, vernacular creativity, womans’ crafts, (subversive) cross stitch. See some earlier postings: petit point and women reading, cross stitch text message and more digital petit point.

cross stitch

February 28, 2009


Embroidered Text Messages

A whole series of cross stitched text messages. It is worth reading them all, nice story and I will not tell you whether there is a happy end.

building models of learning in Lego

November 22, 2008

In this video you can see David Gauntlett doing his serious play with lego and a bunch of students. I hope I get the chance to try this out with students training to be teachers to get them thinking about media and learning.

hand made campaign

October 21, 2008
Obama President 08

Obama President 08 - Letterpress from antique fonts by Yee-Haw

So much happening and so little time to blog. But I cannot resist to add 2 pennies to the dabate by posting this Etsy find and pointing you to this article featuring a detailed analysis of Obama Practices Looking-Off-Into-Future Pose. I don’t know whether this is a traditional practice in the United States, to create handmade election campaign items, or whether this phenomenon is inspired by the current election campaign and Obama supporters in particular. In any case there are plenty of handmade Obama fan item to discover and buy on Etsy, giving Obama’s campaign a grassroots movement feeling. Here in Austria before elections people may be collecting useless made-in-china novelty items given away by the various political parties, but hardly anybody wears their support on their sleeves, or T-shirt for that matter. 

This print above, hand printed from 100 year old wood type, emulates the feel of vintage posters and ads, telling us that history here is in the making, whatever the outcome of the presidential elections. To buy from YeeHaw on Etsy where you can find more stuff ranging from “I’m Joe the Plumber” T-Shirts to “Knitters for Obama” and “Middle aged white woman for Obama” Pin-back Buttons, from “My Mama is for Obama” baby clothes and bibs to “Yes I can” hand pottered mugs, and various styles of screen printed T-Shirts, pendants and you-name-it – with Obama hopefully looking into the future (here). Ah, and for this you have to read this (tongue-in-cheek) analysis of Obama Practices Looking-Off-Into-Future Pose.

Kress & Van Leeuven in their Reading Images: Grammar of Visual Design claim that in our culture the right of an image indicates the NEW and the top of an image the IDEAL. This seems to prove the point that there is good reason why Obmama is shown gazing in the distance, usually to the top right.

So think of the history of Che Guevara and Mao images – and buy Obama items on Etsy if you want to own a future classic.

Obama by hegildedlily

Obama Pendant by hegildedlily

Change - by BraveLOve

Obama T-Shirt Design based on Shepard Fairey design

digtial screens

October 13, 2007

Currently engaged in reading and thinking about of vernacular creativity, in term of digital practices such as computer gaming, amateur photography and photosharing and new uses of traditional handicrafts such as knitting and crochet I came about Patricia Waller’s work in needlework and crochet.

Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller 2

read some more about it (in German) here:
Computergames und Bildstörungen by Helga Maria Bischoff

I love the way these images make apparent older uses of “digital” and “screen”, the image built up pixel by pixel in the slow process of stitching (with your fingers), the stitching canvas, which often is stretched over a frame, making a stitching screen. And the way it combines the opposites of kitsch and the crafts of needlework, associated with domestic feminine practices, and computer gaming, asscociated with male geeks. (This work dates back to 1997) It also reminds me of the Lous XVI petit point upholstered chairs, which Gertrude Stein’s partner Alice B. Toklas made after a design by Picasso. Unfortunately I have never seen a picture of those.

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