organized crime

Many people, of course, have been aware of this for a long time, and I am not talking about conspiracy theorists. However, until recently this was never discussed in mainstream media: the fact, that real power today lies not with democratically elected politicians, but with global corporations. Here is an article regarding a recent and highly interesting study about the “the capitalist network that runs the world” published in the New Scientist.

And today Andrew Rawnsley from The Observer writes about the powerlessness of world leaders facing the economic crisis: The failure of the G20 summit has dramatically advertised the incapacity of the political elite to rise to the crisis.

Well sure, they could use the power that people have vested in them for enormous changes, if they decided to. But that would mean taking quite radical steps most politicians, I fear, are not prepared to take.

Here is a small collection of cartoons. Political cartoons, of course, are some of the most long-standing ways of using words and images combined to deliver a strong message. There is plenty more to be found in the Facebook group TRAP – The Real Art of Protest.

This one is for our son and his friends, facing difficult career choices, that is, if they have any choices, once the have left school.


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