better letters

better letters…in 2011

My grandfather (may he rest in peace) fell in love with a younger woman, back in the late 1940s, early 1950s – while being married and father of four young children. My uncle found out about this only a few years ago – through serendipity he got hold of some 40 passionate love letters, written by my grandfather to this young woman, who was well into her eighties by that time, and still heartbroken. I only learned about this a few days ago. There is something to be said for letters written with pen and paper. Is it likely that fifty, sixty years from now a family secret like this will be revealed, through the unexpected discovery of some cached facebook postings?

If you want to get in touch with people fond of analog letter writing, envelope stuffing and stamp licking go to Make Every Day a Good Mail Day.

One Response to “better letters”

  1. Ruby Lee Says:

    Great post! I recently started collecting handwritten letters for sale at antique shops and thrift stores and looking at the handwriting brings you close to the writers in a way that pictures or stories never could.

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