kids are the new black writes: 

Did anyone see this in the UK Telegram last week? The headline is “Girl graffiti artist, 10, is the ‘female Banksy”  What in the world? Shes a 10 year old from Brighton. She spraypaints murals all over, and according to this article, shes got street cred. whoa. I’m twenty seven years old goddamnit. Do I have to hang out with 10 year olds to be cool now?

I would say definitely, yes! Teenagers no longer manage to surprise (or shock) us. Now it’s the kids, which are cool. And with the internet children’s art work is also becoming so much more visible, beyond classroom walls and fridge doors. See for example all those groups on Flickr such as Child’s Art, and Children’s Art and Craft.

And people take their appreciation for children’s creativity further, not only by encouraging a kid to make Graffiti (!) als art, but also in other ways, for example  SweetJessie  making embroyderies based on her 6 year old son’s drawings.


Meanwhile 2009 is also the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Children are increasingly being recognized as a group with a claim to rights to dignity, self expression and human rights. A recent report points out children being negatively stereotyped in the media and recommends  “measures to address the intolerance and inappropriate characterization of children, especially adolescents, within the society, including the media…” See:

Another perspective: How journalists can promote children’s human rights and equality (PDF) by Samantha Dimmock et al. from the Children’s Rights Alliance for England.

According to Cory Doctorow its “a really meaty study on the systematic vilification of children in the English press, and the effect that this has on public opinion.”

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