personalized picture book

Here is a lovely idea for making a word/picture book by Sara Hicks. She writes

Last week we bought my son a ‘first words’ book. It had some common words like ‘car’ and ‘ball’- but the car didn’t look like ours and the neon orange soccer ball didn’t look like any we owned. So I thought it might be nice to create a first words book exclusively for him, using objects that were more familiar to him and focusing on words that he was either already trying to grasp (ball, momma) or words that would be helpful to me (milk, water).


And here are some images of the result. This is a really sweet idea, and I wished I had done things like that when my son was little. I am thinking, this could be a class project in primary schools too, where children design books for their siblings and friends.

2 Responses to “personalized picture book”

  1. Emily Lloyd Says:

    Before publishing hardbound books like this was so available, I used a slim 4 x 6″ photo album to make a similar book for my friend’s child. They come already “laminated,” so it would be ok even if he sucked on it. I based my text on Bill Martin’s “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?”–changing it to “Eli, Eli, What Do You See?” etc. Fun project.

  2. Sigrid Says:

    great idea!

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