self organized learning


Many years ago I read about the Hole in the Wall Project by Prof Sugata Mitra with great fascination. Mitra was working in Delhi and installed a computer with interent connection in the wall of his office compound, which enabled him to abserve how children and young people from the nearby slums would interact with the technology without any instructions. The children learned to use the computer in a fascinating process of self organized and collaborative learning. Eventually many more computers in “holes in the wall” were installed all over India. Seven years of research showed conclusively how children are able to teach themselves and each other without any adult interventions.  The children even invented their own langauge to talk about what they were doing on screen.  More about this minimally invasive education on the website. There is also an interesting TED talk by Mitra: Can kids teach themselves? worth watching

Here is an older report on pbs frontline world, with an interview with  researcher Ritu Dangwal, and here a current lenghty article from the guardian about the projcet, which apparently also inspired the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire movie.

BTW I am going to India soon, so I hope to get a chance to watch the film there!


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