lolcat literacy and alphabet books


On Amazon reviewers are raving about the stylish design and play with typography of  The Well-Lettered Cat  by Porter Evans and Edward Fierro, a book “for fans of felines, fonts and fiction” according to the publishers. “Each kitty character sports his letter as a springboard for a journey through literature, history, mythology, and entertainment. This volume is rich with visual and intellectual energy.” “This fascinating book is also a wonderful lesson in type and design. Each page continues the storyline of the cats as they go from Avant Garde to Zapf Chancery (typefaces) with loads of unusual words using the alphabet letters. A most interesting combination of words and art.”

Not sure weather to believe all that, but I cannot help liking the tag line by the publisher Rampant Press “Where Words, Art & Paper Collide & Collude.” It seem it this their only book and they do graphic design as their day job.

All this just proves my point about locat literacy and I guess I just have to add this alphabet book to my recent ABC book list.

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