unlimited reading

I just love Flickr and all the amazing things people do with photography. The group this proves; the existence of space between your dreams and mine was featured recently in Flickr Explore. It is strange how you can browse through the images triggering all sorts of feelings and sensations, hinting at stories and mysteries to be revealed, and narratives just start building up in your head. So I though of another idea for a literacy class:

Every student has to pick 5 pictures from the pool, arrange them in a sequence, and then write a story, which can be made of 5 sentences or five paragraphs. The story has to be written backwards, that is the fifth part (sentence or paragraph) has to be written first, the fourth second, and the introductory part last. Once the story is outlined, the text may be polished.

To create a challenge for more advanced writers, the genre could be specified. It could be a poem of five lines. It could be a report, romance, mystery, science fiction or horror story, or the concept for a genre film. 

The Flickr pool provides resources for ‘unlimited semiosis’ (Peirce, Eco). Narratives may be co-created using the imaginative scenarios shared in the pictures, transformed by the imagination of the reader/writer and connected by culturally and historically formed story structures, extending the meaning of the original images. In the next post you will find my fairy tale in pictures.

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