multimodal environment

I cannot help it, I love playing with little online gadgets like Adletters’ Restaurant Sign Generator I used some words from an essay by Elise Seip Tønnessen’s on “Learning how to read and write in a multimodal environment.” Here is the full quote:

“In his book Introducing social semiotics Theo van Leeuwen (2005) presents concepts for describing multimodal cohesion in terms of rhythm unfolding in time, composition unfolded in space, information linking and dialogue. The concept of information linking is particularly useful for dealing with the relations between words and images. Inspired by Roland Barthes classical distinction between anchorage and relay (Barthes, 1980), van Leeuwen applies concepts from M.A.K. Halliday’s text linguistics when he states that the relationship between images and words may take two basic forms: elaboration or extension. In the case of elaboration we find two kinds of specification: The image may make the words more specific by illustrating them, or the words may make the interpretation of the image more specific by anchoring it. Another form of elaboration is the explanation, where the words paraphrase the image or vice versa. The information linking characterized as an extension may also take three forms: If the content of words and image is similar, we have a similarity (and in reality no extension, but rather an increased emphasis on the same content). Furthermore the content of words and image may contrast or complement each other. In the latter case, we find what Roland Barthes characterized as “relay”.”

Elise Seip Tønnessen (2008) Learning how to read and write in a multimodal environment. Paper for the conference Designs for learning, Stockholm March 2008, Department of Nordic and Media Studies University of Agder Kristiansand, Norway

3 Responses to “multimodal environment”

  1. Chatter Box Says:

    Many more sign generators @ (make graphics online using text, upload photos or use a webcam).

  2. WHAK'd Says:

    Hundreds of sign generators @ :)

  3. Sigrid Says:

    thank you!

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