Verweile doch refers to a quote by Goethe taken from “Faust”

Werd’ ich zum Augenblicke sagen:
Verweile doch! du bist so schön!
– which makes part of Faust’s wager with the devil.

If I should bid the moment stay, or try
To hold its fleeting beauty, …

Translation taken from this article: Passion and art: the story behind Faust in the Guardian, which also explains why Goethe cannot really be translated into English, as evident from this translation –  it cannot evoke the literal immediacy of Verweile doch! Du bist so schön! which would mean: Stay! You are so beautiful!  but using a poetic expression, not used in contemporary German. Here it makes a neon invitation to linger in front of the “Deutsches Theater in Berlin”. I don’t know, is this supposed to be art or advertising? Does it matter?


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