left and right brain conflict


“The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you.”

Roger Sperry, Nobel Price Winner


6 Responses to “left and right brain conflict”

  1. vero wero Says:

    well i think that this is a really cool site and i would be really satisfied if you would please send me some more of this stuff because im really interested thak you very much

  2. sj Says:

    Hi vero wero
    I am glad you like my blog! I am just not sure what you mean with “more of this stuff”.

  3. Nathan Says:

    weeehH! i love it! hahaha! its so funny!! =D

  4. nonono Says:

    No,. I think It is quite untrustful cuz I took so many tests and all of them showed ma as Im right brained.. umm…
    but well Iam not so good at this ,
    And I know the way to make it easier that is never thinking and only stare words as mind on clours..

    • Cassie Says:

      Yes it is easier to just ignore it and it works when just trying to read the word too, but either way it’s confusing to see the word RED written in blue!

  5. Hashim Says:

    Another Left/Right Brain Conflict …


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